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Scoutr makes it easy to find your new favorite restaurants and dishes that are just as unique as you are. Find food that matches your dietary restrictions without settling for less.

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Ordering Food Online Should Be Easy.

With Scoutr, It Is.

For a Relaxing Night In…

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Or An Adventurous Night Out…

Scoutr Is There To Help You Find Your Next Best Meal Ever

We provide the restaurants, you provide the friends and the conversation.

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Food As Unique As You

Scoutr uses smart filtering to show you the food that we think you’ll like most. And unlike the usual ways that you try to find restaurants (DoorDash, Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc) we don’t advertise the national chains relentlessly. We keep local restaurants at the top of our results. Would you rather find something new or eat at a chain you can find anywhere?
Yeah, that’s what we thought.
Use Scoutr to eliminate the boring from your online ordering and explore what’s around you.

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Support Local Restaurants

It’s not always easy to make money as a local restaurant on a delivery platform. One of these reasons is that restaurants have to pay large fees that take a huge chunk out of their bottom line1 just for marketing in order to compete with the big chains. While Scoutr can’t make restaurants not pay these fees, we can level the playing field by highlighting the unique restaurants in your area.

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